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Jeff Kreisler
Jeff Kreisler
Editor PeopleScience.com and Co-Author “Dollars and Sense”

Editor's Note: This whole post is an editor's note. Get to it.


Hi! Welcome to PeopleScience. We're glad you joined us.

We're here to talk about both the potential and the challenges of applied behavioral science in the real world. We're here to have a conversation about the future.

Behavioral science is having a moment.

People of all sorts — executives, designers, researchers, journalists, thought leaders, decision makers and those just eager to learn about the world — have finally recognized that applying behavioral science principles can change their lives, their businesses and the world, but they don't know how to do it.

While there is undeniable excitement, there's also uncertainty. Between the research and the application, there's a big gap filled with questions about understanding, credibility, ethics, practicality, cost, techniques, methodology and more. PeopleScience is here to address those questions and close that gap.

These behavioral insights are real, and they're spectacular.

We intend to be the centralized location where industry leaders, researchers and the intellectually curious can discover and discuss behavioral science and its applications, define best practices, research new ideas and align complementary goals, objectives and strategies.

IMPORTANT: You don't have to know anything about behavioral science to enjoy PeopleScience.

PeopleScience is like a great big dinner party where all the invited guests are respected leaders from academia, business, public policy, and journalism. We don't allow bores at this table. Our mandate is that our contributors must, of course, be credible, scientifically supported and trustworthy. Just as importantly, however, they must be accessible, engaging, witty and kind. I think you'll find that's true. (If it's not, let me know, and I'll escort them out with a dismissive "Good day, sir or ma'am".)

So take a look around the site, check out our active FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn communities, sign up for the newsletter and come back often. What you see now is just what we have today. Tomorrow, there'll be more of us.

In addition to the frequent articles, we'll produce:

  • Roundtables, both written and recorded (video and audio).
  • Live events! At big conferences and roving dinner parties, we'll feature business leaders, academics and journalists in engaging, free-flowing (and, hopefully, wine-flowing) discussions.
  • Origin stories. The fantastical journeys which made our favorite behavioral science practitioners the superheroes they are today.
  • Reviews and excerpts from some of the best behavioral science books, articles and media.
  • Video, audio, interactive tools, animation and graphics.
  • A jobs board (!) for behavioral science nerds.
  • Your ideas (within reason).

Doyou have feedback, concerns, questions, praise, condemnation, constructive criticism and/or heart healthy recipes? Contact us or email me directly.

Editor's secret: I use the acronym "BS" for behavioral science. Yeah, it's funny, but it also reminds me that some people might still question the validity and practicality of BS. We're very conscious of that and we're here to assure you: These behavioral insights are real, and they're spectacular.

Behavioral science is an exciting, growing discipline. Our mission is to demystify it, share it and spark the ideas that will lead to better performance, outcomes and lives.

Welcome to behavioral insights for the modern marketplace.

Welcome to PeopleScience.

Lets go!

Jeff Kreisler
Jeff Kreisler
Editor PeopleScience.com and Co-Author “Dollars and Sense”


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