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PeopleScience and our contributors are lucky to be sought after thought leaders on a variety of topics for a wide range of media outlets, from print and online platforms to radio, television and yes, even podcasts. We can also be found in person at conferences, panels and speaking events around the world.

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November 2019

Harvard Business Review Getting Your Team to Do More Than Meet Deadlines

HR Drive Why you can — and should — train workers to be curious, responsible

Think Bigger, Think Better Podcast Interview with Jeff Kreisler


October 2019

Smart Meetings How Travel Changes Us

CEOWorld Magazine Downsizing Procrastination: How To Fight Your Team’s Time Management Problems

Detroit Free Press Uber, Lyft should treat drivers like real workers 

HR Technologist What Behavioral Science Teaches Us About Avoiding Work

Cheeky Scientist Radio The Science (and Humor) Behind A Good PhD Job Search

Wealthy Retirement What Tech Giants Uber and Facebook Don’t Know About Money

My Company Polska Words Sell (Polish Business Magazine)

September 2019

SHRM Don't Procrastinate. Read This Now!

USA Today Don't get lost: Here's how to keep costs in check while traveling abroad

Forbes California Cannot Fix Uber And Lyft

Forbes American Cities Shouldn’t Tell Chipotle And McDonald’s How To Run Their Businesses

Ragan 3 science-backed ways to fend off procrastination

Forrester Five (Plus One) Must-Reads On Behavioral Economics

Policy Punchline Comedian Jeff Kreisler on Financial Literacy and Behavioral Economics

Recruiter Engagement Worth Reading About: 3 Behavioral Design Principles for a More Motivated, Productive Workforce

August 2019

HR Daily Advisor Engage Your Employees with Science

CNBC's Grow Why keeping a $100 bill in your wallet can curb spending

CNBC's Grow How cognitive bias affects your investments

July 2019

HR Daily Advisor Framing Unconscious Bias Awareness at Your Organization

CNBC's Grow How not to get overwhelmed by ‘choice overload’ when investing, according to an expert

CNBC's Grow How cognitive bias affects your investments

June 2019

Convene Magazine PeopleScience’s Jeff Kreisler Examines Why We Do What We Do

Talent Management & HR Pride Month: A Reminder that Diversity Is More Than Just What You Can See

Recruiter Escaping the Cult of Busy: You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Your Well-Being to Be Successful

CNBC's Grow 5 Tricks Your Brain Plays on You That Can Affect Your Investing Success

May 2019

Fast Company The problems with these 5 dumb (but common) hiring practices

Milennial Money Podcast The Key to Kick Ass in Life (with Laura Eshelman)

HR Executive Here’s Why the College-Admissions Scandal Matters in the Workplace

America's Workforce America’s Work Force Discusses Cheating Culture

Business Insider 6 ways to crush a presentation at work, from people who know

CNBC's Grow Psychologist: Here Are 4 Ways to Cope With Market Ups and Downs

April 2019

Small Business Trends The Secret Behind Reducing Hiring Bias Using Behavioral Research and Data

Dana Barrett Show Meet The Bickertons! They Live On Capitol Hill!

March 2019

Newsday What to consider before taking out student loans

NerdWallet Why College Students Take on Loans They Can’t Repay

Daily Mail Why college students take on loans they can't repay

Associated Press Syndicate Why college students take on loans they can’t repay

February 2019

Washington Post Why you should love that tax refund less

Nerd Wallet How Banking Apps Can Motivate You to Save

January 2019 Turn the Page: Books Industry Professionals Love Most

HR News HR Professionals Share 2019 New Year's Resolutions

December 2018

Behavioral Scientist Most Popular Articles of 2018

Recalculating For Small Business Recalculating For Small Business - Tom Shorma & Jeff Kreisler

The Wealth Standard Jeff Kreisler on Dollars, Sense And Behavioral Economics

Washington Post How retailers make fools of us at the sales rack

November 2018

Herald Magazine 11 Mental Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Holiday Season

Quartz Why scaring people into saving for retirement doesn’t work

Washington Post Going Black Friday shopping? Just say no to those store credit card offers.

Forbes What Makes Us Tick? Insights From The 2018 Behavioral Summit

October 2018

Finextra Behavioral Economics is the Key to User Engagement in Banking: An Interview With Jeff Kreisler

SmartMeetings The Science of Motivation: Why Cash Isn’t Always King

September 2018

HR News Managing Expectations: How to Balance Gig Workers and Regular Employees

Senior Planet Three Views on Financial Planning

DNA India Here's why cash does not make for a good gift

August 2018

Price of Business Radio Show Jeff Kreisler- The Evolution of Labor Day: Expert Tips For Employee Engagement

Washington Post Extreme couponing may not be saving you as much money as you think. Here’s why.

ABC Action News Don't get scammed by the back-to-school deals 5 Ways to Tackle Bias in the Workplace

July 2018 5 Ways to Tackle Bias in the Workplace

Thrive Global “I Would Like To Make Critical Thinking Cool” With Jeff Kreisler, Editor-In-Chief of PeopleScience

June 2018

Experian When It Comes to Money, Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

Idea Mensch Learn something new every day.

May 2018

HR Technologist 5 Tips to Tackle Bias in the Workplace

Bold Business Facebook Welcome to PeopleScience

HR News How Do You Combat Racism at Work? Experts Offer Suggestions

Melissa Bolton Interview With Jeff Kreisler of PeopleScience

April 2018

PeopleScience Press Release PeopleScience Launches New Forum for Applied Behavioral Science

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