Watch: Robert Cialdini on Incentives and Engagement

By Dr. Robert Cialdini
Professor and Author

March 24, 2018

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Robert Cialdini, bestselling author of Presuasion and Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion at the Behavioral Science and Marketing Summit in San Francisco.  Dr. Cialdini is widely acknowledged to be one of the pioneers in the field of behavioral science and social psychology. 

We talked about field research, loyalty, incentives and the future of behavioral science.

There just happened to be a video camera nearby.

Here are some of his thoughts on incentives and engagement.

More of our interview with the professor:

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Cialdini on field research

By Dr. Robert Cialdini
Professor and Author
Jeff Kreisler
By Jeff Kreisler
Editor PeopleScience.com and Co-Author “Dollars and Sense”


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