Watch: John Oliver on Scientific Credibility

By Jeff Kreisler
Editor and Co-Author “Dollars and Sense”

April 20, 2018


  • It's Friday.
  • It's April 20 (whatever that might mean to you), and
  • It's still so cold here in NYC that I saw just someone warming his hands over a witch's t**.

The point is we all need a chuckle. A RELEVANT chuckle.


One of our goals at PeopleScience™ is to elevate credible, proven and reliable scientific findings and behavioral practitioners above those who are, let's politely say, "less than credible." It's vital to the future of applied behavioral science.

We'll talk plenty about all of this but, for now, enjoy John Oliver on the misrepresentation of scientific findings.

Warning: It is, technically, NSFW, but a) barely so and b) c'mon, are potty words really the biggest problem in the world today?

p.s. Yes, I do know several people who work on this amazing show and no, I'm not constantly consumed by the raging fires of jealousy. Not constantly.

By Jeff Kreisler
Editor and Co-Author “Dollars and Sense”


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