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Listen: Dan Ariely on the Ethics of Applying Behavioral Science

By Dan Ariely
Duke Fuqua School of Business, Irrational Labs

May 02, 2018

Editor's Note: Two quick thoughts before you spend a few minutes listening:
1. We want to have a lot of cool formats here at People Science. Articles, roundtables, interviews, video, interactive doohickey and more. This is our first audio experience. I'm not quite ready to say "we have a podcast," but it looks like we're heading that way.
2. The ethics of applying behavioral science is one of the most important topics I want to explore here. My first book was on ethics and we've all seen the potential negative impact of the tools of technology and science when ethics and intention are neglected. In other words, I take it seriously. I hope you'll listen, read and share your thoughts. It's a tough, but important, conversation.

People Science editor Jeff Kreisler sat down with bestselling author — and behavioral science hero — Dan Ariely to discuss some of the ethical considerations when applying behavioral science principles.

The first of many conversations, with many people, on this important topic.

Take a listen:


P.S. In case he hasn’t hammered it home enough, Jeff was also lucky enough to write a book with Dan, Dollars and Sense: How We Misthink Money and How to Spend Smarter. The social proof is in its great reviews and Best Book lists. Make Jeff happy and check it out.

By Dan Ariely
Duke Fuqua School of Business, Irrational Labs
Jeff Kreisler
By Jeff Kreisler
Editor PeopleScience.com and Co-Author “Dollars and Sense”


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